ProLevel Two makes light work of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is as popular today as it was the day it was first commissioned. Installing underfloor heating can pose a set of challenges for fixers, however using expert levelling compounds, such as ProLevel Two, makes light work of such projects.

ProLevel Two, from tiling experts UltraTileFix, is a two part, mid-strength smoothing underlayment that is proven to work perfectly with both warm water and radiant electrical underfloor heating systems over multiple substrates.

The flexible and moisture tolerant characteristics of ProLevel Two are what makes this much-loved levelling compound ideal for underfloor heating and timber floors. Suitable for tackling tasks of 2-15mm depths, ProLevel Two has been formulated for internal use and has a set time of just 2.5 hours – you will soon be moving on to the next step of your project!

Due to its handy sizing, ProLevel Two is convenient for contractors and fixers to carry, and with its 1 bag to 1 bottle mixing ratio, it is very simple to mix.

ProLevel Two is a two-component system consisting of a powdered blend of cements, graded fillers and additives and a pre-gauged polymer liquid. It conforms to CT C25 F5 EN 13813 classification and comes with the UltraTileFix Lifetime Guarantee for peace of mind.

Jason Reid, National Sales Manager for UltraTileFix, commented: “If you are installing underfloor heating, this is the product for you! It is proven to save you time, but not only that, it can sustain daily trafficking, whether that be foot traffic in a domestic installation or heavy wear and tear in a commercial environment. The strength of the product can sustain heavy, large format tiles but also has the flexibility to accommodate movement in the subfloor – ideal for underfloor heating installations – and, of course, like all UltraTileFix products, it is trusted to last a lifetime.”

For more information on ProLevel Two or for advice on installing underfloor heating systems, please contact UltraTileFix by emailing or calling +44 (0) 1827 254402.

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