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Instarmac have been manufacturing world renowned highway maintenance products since 1977.


There are currently 247,500 miles of public roads throughout Great Britain. By road type, major roads such as motorways make up for 13% of the total road length and minor roads, such as A and B roads, make up the remaining 87% – that’s a whole lot of road to maintain.

By length, most highways in Great Britain are managed and maintained by local authorities. Local Authorities are responsible for managing restricted highway maintenance budgets to ensure our roads stay as safe as possible.

Highway maintenance budgets have always been problematic and seem to shrink year on year, which exacerbates the situation even further. Add the pothole crisis into the mix and we have a serious need for permanent road and pothole fixes.

Our news feeds are full of stories about potholes and the damaging effect they have on road infrastructure, cars and local government budgets, and with flooding and freezing temperatures becoming more common, the situation is only going to deteriorate further.

It’s not just trying to fill the backlog of potholes that’s a concern for Local Authorities. Access to the supply chain, training operatives, ensuring repairs can be carried out quickly to reduce the need for traffic management and keeping the flow of traffic moving as much as possible are all considerations when choosing a new repair material.

Time is clearly of the essence, and it is important for repair teams to find a solution that can quickly, effectively and permanently resolve pothole fixing issues before the next onset of wintry weather.

Instarmac have been manufacturing world renowned highway maintenance products since 1977. Over the past four decades, we have established long-lasting relationships with national highway agencies, contractors, local authorities and commercial organisations and therefore understand the importance of using products that are guaranteed to perform, reducing the strain on already tight budgets.

With this in mind, our team of in-house Development Chemists, many of whom have been developing products for the highway industry for over 20 years, have created a suite of products that have been thoroughly tested by an independent third party and are proven to provide a first time, permanent repair every single time.

Our range of proven and tested highway maintenance materials comprises of advanced road repair and refurbishment products including HAPAS and PTS PAS approved permanent pothole repair materials and manhole reinstatement system, as well as fast setting, high performance highway bedding mortars, concretes and anti-skid solutions.

Providing the industry with materials to fix potholes and other problems on the road network, has always been important to us and we are proud that local authorities up and down the country agree that UltraCrete is the proven choice for planned and reactive maintenance that really lasts!

At Instarmac, we are also proud supporters of National Pothole Day – a campaign to raise awareness of the state of the nation’s roads and the need for additional funding from central government to tackle the growing pothole crisis.

Established in 2015 by StreetRepairs.co.uk, National Pothole Day was created to provide a place for road users to report road damage to their local council. Over the last 5 years, this movement has gained momentum and is now a key platform for road safety awareness and education.

Source: Gov.uk


Trueform Engineering

“We continue to use UltraCrete materials because of the consistent quality and performance they provide.”

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