Rail Sector

The UK rail industry is a huge business with specific needs and demands.


The rail sector employs more than 190,000 people including those who are responsible for managing, fixing and resolving and maintenance issues that arise. The network spans 20,000 miles of rail track and includes 2,500 stations and more than 40,000 bridges and tunnels.

When discussing railway track, it’s not just the lines the trains run on but also encompasses sleepers, switches and crossings and mechanical systems that move the aforementioned switches and crossings.

And with 1.3 billion passenger journeys occurring every year, the rail industry requires a huge amount of resource and expertise to keep the country’s rail network on track.

As a manufacturer of specialist maintenance solutions, Instarmac Group are in the optimum position to provide the industry with fast track, rail fixing solutions that are proven to minimise your possession and save you time.

Instarmac’s Rail Refurbishment Solutions includes surface repair materials as well as products for signal installation, perimeter fence and post installation, concrete sleep repairs and rail bolt installation.

For rail signal fixes and the installation of heavy duty signals, like the LED signals commonly used by Network Rail as part of their £68 million investment programme, Instarmac recommends the use of a fast set rapid strength concrete such as QC10.

Independently tested by an approved third party, QC10 is proven to provide a first time, permanent installation, can be applied from depths of 30-250mm and is trafficked in as little as 2 hours, allowing contractors to move on to another project quickly, increasing productivity and helping to meet tight deadlines.


The Railway Upgrade Plan also involved upgrading the existing manual operated level crossings with a modern remote controlled system. To guarantee an effortless and lasing installation, Instarmac advises installing rail bolts with HF high flow precision grout. HF’s formulation doesn’t contain any reactive materials which eliminates any possibility of corrosion, giving you peace of mind that rail bolts installed with HF are designed to last.

Should any concrete sleepers become damaged during signal improvements, UltraCrete QC10 F flowable fast set rapid strength concrete is on hand to carry out quick and permanent repairs. Fibre modifies for added strength, QC10 F achieves a 20N/mm² compressive strength after just 90 minutes, is easy to mix and literally pours from the bucket facilitating a speedy application.

Choose Instarmac for all your rail maintenance needs. Find out more about our range of contractor-friendly, approved products, by downloading a copy of our Rail Refurbishment Solutions brochure.

Instarmac are also proud members of Link-up – the UK’s rail industry supplier registration and qualification scheme. Link-up is ‘used extensively by procurement, engineering, safety and quality professionals as well as organisations who need to comply with European Procurement Legislation and Railway Group Standards.’


Source: Network Rail / Stagecoach / Link-up / Rail Engineer


David Clardige

“UltraCrete products are easy to work with, convenient to store and with a great shelf life”.

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