NBS Plus

As a manufacturer of premium construction materials, developing long lasting relationships with architects and contractors is of key importance.

Architects need to trust in the products they are specifying, they need to understand the products and how they are best applied and used.

For many years Instarmac has worked with contractors, architects and designers to create exceptional projects across the UK and worldwide. We recognise the importance of these relationships and by understanding architects requirements can ensure products, services and training is tailored accordingly,

Architects can now find many of our products on the RIBA Product Selector. This industry-leading online resource allows users to research and select construction product and service information for all types of building design projects. The RIBA Product Selector works in conjunction with NBS Plus - a library of manufacturer's technical product information, written in NBS format and linked to specific clauses within the market-leading NBS specification software products. Using NBS Plus, designers can specify products quickly and accurately with just one click, importing the relevant product information directly into their specification.

A complete list of our NBS Plus Registered products can be found below.


Envirobed HA104®: High Performance Bedding Mortar

Envirobed HA104® Flowable

M60: Rapid Strength Bedding Mortar

QC10F: Rapid Set Flowable Concrete

QC10: Rapid Strength Concrete

Instant Road Repair 6mm: Cold Lay Asphalt

Instant Road Repair 10mm: Cold Lay Asphalt

SCJ: Seal and Tack Coat Spray

Permanent Pothole Repair: Cold Lay Asphalt

Instaband ECO: Thermoplastic Overbanding



Pro-Bed HS: Fine Bedding Mortar

Pro-Bed HS ECO: Fine Bedding Mortar

Pro-Prime: Slurry Primer

Flowpoint: Rapid Set Flowable Grout

Flowpoint ECO: Rapid Set Flowable Grout

Flowpoint Smooth: Rapid Set Flowable Grout

Cempoint: Gun Injected Mortar

Paving Guard: Sand Stabiliser, Surface Sealant and Gum Adhesion Inhibitor


ProSuper Grip: High Grab Acrylic Wall Tile Adhesive

ProSuper White: Highly Flexible Acrylic Wall Tile Adhesive

ProFlex SP: Rapid Set Flexible Tile Adhesive

ProFlex SPES: Standard Set Flexible Tile Adhesive

ProFlex S2: Fibre Reinforced Flexible Tile Adhesive

ProGrout Flexible

ProSealer: Silicone Sealant

ProPrimer: Advanced Polymer Primer for Exceptional Bond and Multiple Substrates

ProLevel Rapid: Fibre Reinforced Flexible Floor Leveller

ProLevel Fibre: Reinforced Flexible Floor Leveller


Level IT Bond: Rapid Drying, All Purpose Smoothing Underlayment

Fill IT: Flowable Bulking Concrete

Suppress IT: Moisture Vapour Suppressant

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