Stop potholes in their tracks with UltraCrete Surface Defect Repair

Surface Defect Repair, from highway maintenance experts UltraCrete, has been specifically designed to stop cracks from deteriorating and turning into dangerous and costly potholes.

Through consultation with contractors and clients, UltraCrete identified that early treatment of defects in carriageways on thin surface asphalt repairs, would prevent the formation of costly potholes and their associated risks.

As a result, UltraCrete’s team of in-house Development Chemists embarked on months of extensive product testing to present Surface Defect Repair to the market – a product that is applied to minor surface defects in footways and carriageways which stops potholes from forming.

Durable and easy to use, Surface Defect Repair is a granular thermoplastic material with anti-skid dressing that is ideal for use on contracts where asset management allows for early identification of minor defects and can be built into the ongoing maintenance programme.

Comprising of a 12kg bag of Surface Defect Repair thermoplastic pellets and a 1kg bag of anti-skid aggregate, Surface Defect Repair is heat applied and once cured, offers an impressive Skid Resistance Value (SRV) of 60.

For further information on Surface Defect Repair or to request a free product demonstration, please contact UltraCrete’s team of experts by emailing or calling 01827 254402.