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When using UltraFloor levelling compounds, do you have to prime the substrate?

UltraFloor would always recommend that you prime the substrate to the advised dilutions prior to the application of smoothing underlayments, with the exception of Level IT Bond. Level IT Bond does not always require that the floor is primed. Please consult the Technical Data Sheet for specifics.

Can UltraFloor smoothing underlayments be "bulked out"?

Some UltraFloor smoothing underlayments can be “bulked out” using chippings or aggregates, however we do suggest that you consult with the UltraFloor Technical team beforehand. Introducing additional raw materials to pre-blended products can affect performance, working times, setting times and final strength.

Can you use UltraFloor products externally? Are they moisture tolerant?

None of the UltraFloor range are recommended for external use however Prime IT Multi-surface Primer, Level IT Bond, Level IT Two, Level IT Top and Level IT Base are all moisture tolerant.

What does it mean when a product is moisture tolerant?

Moisture tolerant products can be used beneath, as well as above, a liquid damp proof membrane. These products will not be affected by the presence of moisture and will keep their integrity (with the exception of hydrostatic pressure).

Does adhesive residue need to be removed from the substrate?

In most cases we recommend that all adhesive residue is mechanically removed from the substrate. The exception to this is Level IT Bond, where it is only required that loose residue and water soluble residues be removed.

Can I use UltraFloor products over an anhydrite screed?

All UltraFloor products can be used over anhydrite/calcium sulphate based screeds. However, the screed must be dry (with less than 75% RH), and any surface laitance must be removed. The floor must then be primed using UltraFloor Prime IT Multi-surface Primer with two coats at the advised dilutions.

Can I use UltraFloor products over wooden floors?

UltraFloor Level IT Flex is recommended for use over plywood as thin as 6mm due to its flexural capacity.

Wooden floors vary from traditional wooden floorboards, plywood, chipboard and other wood composites. Wooden substrates exhibit an element of flexibility. Preparation is of vital importance! If the wooden floor is not rigidly braced, any deflection exhibited in the floor may cause stresses to build up, and any consequent stresses placed on the flooring may cause cracking.

We recommend that the plywood be fixed and screwed at 300mm centres, and primed thoroughly using UltraFloor Prime IT Multi-surface Primer.

Can UltraFloor smoothing underlayments be pumped?

All of the single part, water based smoothing underlayments can either be pumped or poured. The two part products are advised for hand application only.

Where is my nearest UltraFloor stockist?

UltraFloor products are distributed to utilities, contractors, local authorities and specialised merchants throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, and are also available through many global distributors in Europe and the rest of the world. For details of your nearest stockist, please call +44 (0) 1827 871871.

What is the minimum order quantity for UltraFloor products?

We have a minimum order of £350 for free carriage/delivery. Our Delivery Guarantee means that all orders are delivered in 48-72 hours as standard to England and Wales. 24 hour deliveries, timed deliveries and any other special requirements can always be catered for, please call us with your requirements.

Is Tamworth your only site?

Our site in Tamworth houses manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales and R&D. However, we also have an office in Glasgow, for local customer service and distribution to Scotland. They can be contacted on +44 (0) 141 314 3716.

How much UltraFloor product do I need?

To help ascertain how much UltraFloor product you will need to order, we have placed easy online Product Calculators on each product page.

How should I correctly lift UltraFloor paper bags?

All UltraFloor products that are sold in paper bags should be handled correctly to avoid breakages occurring. We recommend, when preparing to lift an UltraFloor bagged product that you should use both hands, gripping one hand on each of the two smallest sides, pushing both hands towards each other slightly during the lift. When lifting always remember to follow the principles of correct Manual Handling.

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