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What is BS 7533?

BS 7533 is the British Standard for “Pavements Constructed with Clay, Natural Stone or Concrete Pavers.” There are a number of parts to this standard all of which can be purchased from British Standards Institute.

Where is my nearest UltraScape stockist?

UltraScape products are distributed to utilities, contractors, local authorities and specialised merchants throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, and are also available through many global distributors in Europe and the rest of the world. For details of your nearest stockist, please call +44 (0) 1827 871871.

What is the minimum order quantity for UltraScape products?

We have a minimum order of £300 for free carriage/delivery. Our UltraScape Delivery Guarantee is set at a standard of 3-5 working days. Of course, earlier deliveries can also be arranged at an extra cost.

How much UltraScape product do I need?

To help ascertain how much UltraScape product you will need to order, we have placed easy online Product Calculators on each product page.

Will Flowpoint stain my paving?

Flowpoint, rapid setting flowable paving grout, will not stain paving regardless of type (natural stone or precast stone) as long as our guidelines are followed.

What is the best method for cleaning Flowpoint off the paving surface?

Once Flowpoint has stiffened in the joint (15 minutes at 20°C) use either a hose or power washer set to medium and wash away any excess from the surface. You must ensure that all material is removed from the surface at this stage.

What is the best way to mix my bedding mortar?

Use a forced action mixer. Water should be added until your mix is moist. A quick on-site test to check your water content – Form a ball by squeezing material in your hand, throw this ball 2 feet in the air and catch. If the ball retains its shape then the moisture content is correct. If the ball breaks apart then there is insufficient water to hydrate the high percentage of cement. Insufficient water content can dramatically affect performance.

What is the best way to mix my primer and Flowpoint grout?

Using a gorilla tub or suitable mixing vessel, add the required amount of water as indicated on the bag, then with a drill & paddle to mix the product slowly add the contents of the bag and keep mixing until a smooth lump free consistency is achieved.

Why do I need to use a primer?

It now states within the BS 7533 standard, the bond / adhesion between the paving element and laying course must be greater than 2N/mm².  This can only be achieved by priming the underside of your paving element to a thickness of between 1-2mm with UltraScape Pro-Prime slurry primer.

What is the difference between Flowpoint and Pro-Bed HS and Flowpoint ECO and Pro-Bed HS ECO?

The only difference, simply, is that Flowpoint ECO and Pro-Bed HS ECO contain 20% recycled glass. This does not affect performance in any way. Both products still comply fully with BS7533.

How quickly can I walk on paving once it has been laid?

Pro-Bed HS can be walked on in 12 hours. Flowpoint can be walked on in 4 hours and Cempoint can be walked on in 12 hours.

How quickly can I drive on my paving once it has been laid?

You can drive on Pro-Bed HS after 24 hours, Flowpoint in 4 hours and Cempoint in 24 hours.

What coloured paving grout do you offer?

Flowpoint is available in Natural Grey and Charcoal and Cempoint is available in Natural. Special colours are available on request.  Please Note: special colours are subject to a minimum order quantity, feel free to contact our Sales Team on +44 (0)1827 871871 for further information.

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