The drying characteristics of cementitious smoothing underlayments

The drying characteristics of cementitious smoothing underlayments are directly influenced by ambient air and floor temperatures. Cement within the smoothing underlayment cures through a process of hydration using moisture. Extreme site conditions can affect this process i.e. below 5°C and above 30°C.

Ideal ambient air and floor temperatures for application are between 10°C and 22°C. These temperatures should be maintained throughout application and curing periods. Outside of these temperatures consideration should be given to the following guidelines for good practice. Floor temperatures will be slower to respond to ambient air temperature so should be considered in advance.

High humidity and low temperature prolongs evaporation of moisture from the freshly applied smoothing underlayment and therefore extends drying times. This may ultimately delay installation of floor coverings. In such conditions planned heating (not gas heating) may be required before, during and after application of the product in order to promote ideal site conditions. Heat should be directed into the air not direct to the floor creating hot spots. Good ventilation without direct drafts will also assist removal of moisture in the air from the building. Failure to adopt such practices in such adverse site conditions may result in damp patches, slow drying and potential surface bleed within the curing smoothing underlayment.

Low humidity and high temperature conditions will speed up drying by fast removal of moisture from freshly applied smoothing underlayment. Such conditions may cause rapid loss of moisture, required for the curing process, leading to irregular structure and strength build up. Such tensions within the drying smoothing underlayment could leave hairline surface defects. Under such conditions, smoothing underlayments should be protected from direct sunlight and drafts across its surface. Good air flow within the build without causing drafts is essential to reduce high temperature build up.

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