Tile Dimensions

The dimensions of any tile can play an important part in selecting the correct adhesive for use. Smaller tiles are generally easier to fix. The following common descriptions are used for different tile dimensions.

Mosaic: Typically glass or marble of small dimensions (less than 50mm x 50mm) mounted onto backing paper. Supplied in 300mm x 300mm sheets, they can be cut down to smaller bands, enabling feature strips to be created. Generally mosaics do not require special adhesives but extended set products may be beneficial to allow a longer working time for intricate designs.

Large format: There is no official definition for the dimensions of a tile classed as large format. For the purpose of this guide, any tile that has a perimeter measurement in excess of 1.6m is classed as large format i.e. 400mm x 400mm or 600mm x 200mm. Large format tiles require the use of higher strength polymer modified adhesives with improved slip and slump characteristics.

Uncalibrated: This is a term used for natural stone tiles that are not cut to give tiles of the same thickness. Unlike manufactured tiles, un-calibrated tiles will require an adhesive capable of being used at thicker bed depths to ensure a consistent finished surface level is achieved.