Waterproof / tanking systems

A – Concrete substrate
B – Plasterboard
C, D, E, F – Apply tanking system according to application method
G – Apply adhesive (selected upon tile type)
H – Install tiles
I – Grout all joints
J – Seal with silicone

There is a need to waterproof or ‘tank’ a tiling installation when the substrate to which the tiles are to be fixed will either be affected by contact with water or will allow moisture to pass through it. The prerequisite of a tanking system is to waterproof, together with providing strength and flexibility, whilst still enabling tiles to adhere.

Tanking systems, are designed for use on internal applications where intermittent and frequent wetting occurs, such as showers, wetrooms and saunas. Different waterproofing requirements are needed for areas of permanent or prolonged immersion in water such as swimming pools and Jacuzzis.

Tanking systems are suitable for application to most wall and floor substrates, provided they are mechanically secure and stable. If significant flexing or deflection occurs this should be reminded before tanking application.

Select a flexible adhesive, such as UltraTileFix ProFlex SP or ProFlex S2 and grout that are suitable for the chosen tile type and size.