Sustainable Construction – How to Minimise Landfill Waste and Reduce Demand on Primary Aggregates

Recycling has been around for decades but is now an important issue for the construction, maintenance and utility industries. The Government’s Sustainable Development Strategy now includes core indicators to measure the use of recycled aggregates so it is not a surprise to learn that most local authorities now include recycling targets.

4.8 million tonnes (WRAP 2007:1) is removed each year in trench excavations from gas and water asset renewals equivalent to 4.5% of national construction, demolition and excavation waste.

We all have a role to play whether it is local authorities, utility companies, contractors or us manufacturers. We need to –

  • Minimise materials going to landfill
  • Minimise the demand on primary resources
  • Minimise transportation distances and hence costs
  • Maximise recovery and recycling of materials

UltraCrete Perma-Soil, Soil Stabiliser, is an alternative reinstatement material – the perfect solution for the backfill and reinstatement of small utility excavations.

UltraCrete Perma-Soil will help you to reduce the cost of reinstating your excavations by converting unearthed spoil into reusable material thus eliminating the need for primary aggregates. It is mixed with the spoil before being compacted back into the excavation to provide an adequate backfill material/sub-base within minutes.

UltraCrete Perma-Soil minimises the need to haul away materials to landfill sites or backfill on site thus reducing transportation distances, tipping charges and carbon emissions. Using recycled aggregates instead of primary aggregates can reduce C02 emissions by at least 40%.

The amount of useable landfill sites is rapidly decreasing; consequently waste management is a high priority across the board as companies are being forced to comply with landfill regulations. UltraCrete Perma-Soil can help companies to meet these directives.

UltraCrete Perma-Soil meets the requirements as set out in the Utility WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) agreement and SROH (Specification for the Reinstatement for Openings in Highways). It is very versatile and can be used across a range of highway and footpath applications as well as post, fence and utility pole installations.

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