The Market’s Favourite Pothole Repair Material, Now Even Easier to Apply!

At Instarmac, home of the UltraCrete brand of proven and tested highway maintenance solutions, innovation, research and development is stimulated by the relationship they have with their customers.

The company pride themselves on listening to customers’ needs and providing real solutions.  As part of this programme of continual improvement and investment they have recently made enhancements to their HAPAS approved Permanent Pothole Repair and 6mm Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt material to facilitate even easier application.

The easy work formulas eliminate the need for kneading before installation.  Permanent Pothole Repair and 6mm Instant Road Repair can be applied direct from the tub filling patches with ease and enabling effortless compaction once in-situ.  The straightforward application provides a more efficient repair method, saving the contractor both time on site and the overall cost of installation.

The new enhanced Permanent Pothole Repair is available in 25kg tubs and is recommended for the repair of potholes in roads, driveways and car parks. Instant Road repair 6mm grade is supplied in 25kg plastic bags and tubs and is ideal for permanent repairs in footpaths and cycle tracks.

UltraCrete’s cold lay asphalts are formulated to give a performance equivalent to hot-lay materials, yet remain workable and effective for 6 months without degrading in storage or transit. Cleaner, more efficient and user friendly, they can be used in all weathers at any time, day or night and are particularly suitable for small works such as patch repairs, street ironwork, access covers and repairs to footways. Furthermore, the resealable tubs eliminate any wastage, helping your money go further.