UltraCrete bedding mortar now sets 25% faster

Innovation and product development has always been at the heart of UltraCrete. Listening to the needs of their loyal customers and providing real solutions to highway maintenance problems has provided the backbone to their extensive product portfolio.

With this in mind, UltraCrete’s Research and Development Chemists have developed and enhanced the formula of their market leading high performance bedding mortars to offer faster setting times and improved compressive strengths.

M90,  all-purpose fast set mortar, has been enhanced to achieve an impressive compressive strength of 22N/mm² in just 90 minutes allowing roads to be opened earlier, saving valuable time and money. What’s more, this next generation bedding mortar now sets 25% faster than before and achieves a rapid strength build even when temperatures are as low as 5ºC.

Furthermore, M90 is proven to be stable in wet conditions, has a smooth consistency for excellent workability and will provide high quality installations with faster curing at low temperatures, allowing for repairs to be carried out all year round and opened to traffic sooner than ever before – and all at no extra cost to their customers.

M60, the original rapid strength bedding mortar and repair material that offers BBA/HAPAS certified assurance for all installations, has also undergone rigorous testing and now boasts improved features. As well as boasting a smoother consistency and excellent workability, M60 allows roads to be trafficked after 60 minutes and is 5% stronger within 1 hour at all temperatures.

For further information, pricing enquiries, or to place an order of the new and improved M90 and M60, please contact UltraCrete’s team of experts by email or by calling 01827 254402.

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