UltraCrete Features in Multi-Million Pound Redevelopment.

UltraCrete’s  HF high flow precision grout has been used in the £30 million redevelopment of Wolverhampton’s  major shopping complex, the Mander Centre.

The refurbishment work, set to complete in October 2017, is one of the most significant private sector investments in the city for over 20 years. The remodelling of the centre will create 10 new large retail units to complement the anchor store, Debenhams and create 150 + new job opportunities.

Sub-contractor, Laidlaw Ltd, installed a number of balustrades in the centre’s internal atrium using UltraCrete’s HF. The edges of the existing concrete floor slabs were shuttered before UltraCrete’s HF grout was poured to create a completely flat surface to bolt the balustrade track down. The balustrades installed used 24.89mm laminated sentry glass which can withstand a 3kN loading.

UltraCrete’s HF complies with the Department of Transport specification 2601 and is suitable for the infill of voids from 10mm-100mm. It is ideal as a bridge bearing grout as well as for the securing of balustrades, stanchion plates, machine beds and parapet legs and achieves a compressive strength of 70N/mm². It can be pumped or poured and will not corrode or stain.

Nigel Higgins, Contracts Manager, Laidlaw Ltd commented, ‘UltraCrete’s HF was excellent and performed exactly as required.’

For further information on UltraCrete’s HF, or any other products in the extensive highway maintenance range, please call Ultracrete on 01827 254402 or visit www.ultracrete.co.uk