UltraCrete helps in the fight against vandalism

Unfortunately vandalism is a common problem on our high streets, car parks and public spaces.  Whether it is graffiti on walls and furniture, destruction of street signs, damage to decorative areas or a ‘joker’ making their mark in your newly laid concrete, all this damage is not only costly to repair but also has a negative impact on  the public’s view of the area and in some cases the perception of the contractor.

We have all seen it and while it can be quite comical we shouldn’t forget the costs of repairing damage to concrete by vandalism.  Council defect charges can be significant so it is important to use materials that provide the contractor with peace of mind and exceptional performance.

No contractor wants to be perceived as doing a bad job and there is nothing more frustrating than being sent out to repair work already completed.

UltraCrete offers you the solution, QC6 is a non–shrink concrete designed for the surface reinstatement of ‘picture frames’ or fillets around street ironwork and general repairs to roads and pathways, concrete drives, pavements and surface areas surrounding street furniture. Its fast setting time of just 15 minutes makes it ideal for reinstatements in busy, public spaces where downtime must be kept to a minimum, eliminating the use of barriers and traffic cones and opportunity to deface the repair.

QC6 is approved for use by BT, and the London Underground and Overground. It is supplied pre-blended in 25kg bags and tubs, containing special cements and a 6mm graded aggregate. The product requires only the addition of water to form a high strength rapid setting concrete, which, when set, dries to match most existing concrete surfaces. It can be applied from depths of 12mm to 100mm, depending on application.

Whilst we may not be able to eradicate malicious damage entirely, UltraCrete’s QC6 can help play a part in the fight against vandalism in our public spaces.

For further information on UltraCrete’s QC6 please visit our website www.ultracrete.co.uk call us now on +44(0)1827 254402 or email us at ultracrete@instarmac.co.uk