UltraCrete helps the UK stay safe

In light of recent terrorist events across the UK, concerns surrounding public safety have never been more important. Security measures have become increasingly visible with major cities, such as London and Birmingham, installing safety bollards in busy pedestrianised areas and at popular public events, such as the Frankfurt Christmas Market and Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

High security products, such as road blockers, bollards and barrier systems all require the support of durable installation materials. UltraCrete’s Post, Bollard and Sign Installation range offer both short and long-term solutions for a range of applications.

For backfilling and surface repairs around impact tested, high security bollards and crash tested barrier systems, UltraCrete recommends the use of a fibre reinforced concrete such as QC10 F rapid set flowable concrete.

Are you backfilling around fixed telescopic bollards, surveillance cameras or lighting? For a first time permanent installation use UltraCrete QC10 rapid strength concrete.

PY5 flowable polyester resin system has been formulated for backfilling high specification installations such as temporary or permanent speed ramps and for filling holes when ramps have been removed.

Also available is a high precision grout for installing dowel bars and safety railings and a 10mm grade rapid hardening concrete formulated for the fast installation of posts and signs.

Available in contractor friendly 25kg units, each product can be trafficked within 24 hours, with some open to traffic in as little as 40 minutes, enabling security measures to be installed quickly and effectively.

Every product in the range provides a first time permanent repair so you can be assured that once the installation is complete, the area won’t crack and break out, guaranteeing your safety measures stay in place to help keep the public safe – it also eliminates costly repeat visits to site.

UltraCrete has been providing concrete repair solutions for planned and reactive repairs for over 40 years. For further information on their Post, Bollard and Sign Installation materials and the other materials available in their highway maintenance range, please contact their team of  Technical experts by email or by calling 01827 254402.

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