UltraCrete Practical Solutions for the Utility Sector

UltraCrete, part of the Instarmac Group, is home to a portfolio of contractor-friendly repair and maintenance products for the Utility sector.

The UltraCrete product offering is ideal for a range of applications including the installation of telegraph poles, signposts, exchange points as well as for the reinstatement of utility excavations and around water meters and access covers and frames. Our bedding, repair and refurbishment materials are independently tested and proven and offer fast setting and time saving advantages.

Contact UltraCrete now to find out why leading utility suppliers, such as BT, Scottish Water and United Utilities have approved our materials for use in their utility reinstatements throughout the UK.

Fast the fast, efficient installation of heavy duty posts, choose UltraCrete’s QC10 F flowable, rapid set concrete. It is fibre modified for added strength and achieves 20N/mm² after just 90 minutes. It is easy to mix and literally pours from the bucket facilitating speedy application.

Eliminate vandalism to concrete repairs with UltraCrete’s QC6 rapid set surfacing concrete. Ideal for the surface reinstatement of ‘picture frames’ or fillets and around access covers, water meter excavations and for general repairs. This product sets in just 15 minutes thus difficult to deface, improving public image and limiting asset liability.

For surface reinstatements to footways, drives and car parks use UltraCrete’s Instant Road Repair 6mm grade, a cold lay asphalt concrete that can just be poured from the tub and compacted to provide a lasting repair. It is instantly trafficable too, so minimal disruption to pedestrians. It is also available in 10mm grade for heavier trafficked areas and comes in a handy 25kg re-sealable tubs, so no waste and great for sites with limited access!