Envirobed® CD534 Red, (part of UltraCrete’s HAPAS Approved Ironwork Reinstatement System), is pigmented red as a prescriptive solution for specific contracts and frame works to easily identify the composition of work carried out. It is supplied as a two-component system, which contains a blend of special cements, polymer and aggregates and recycled glass. The combined components provide a high strength mortar, which can accommodate depths of 10-50mm in one pass. If necessary, greater depths am be achieved by using the layer-upon-layer method.

  • HAPAS approved
  • Conforms to CD534 (formerly HA104)
  • Detectably red
  • Can be used in the wet
  • BT LN550 and LN320 compliant
  • 53N/mm² compressive strength in 3 hours
  • 6.10N/mm² tensile strength at 3 hours
  • Size: 18kg bucket includes 2 x 8kg bags and 2 x 1l bottles

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