Mortar Buoy® – access frame installation aid

The inflatable device that acts as a dam allowing a flowable mortar installation within seconds.

The Mortar Buoy® inflatable dam prevents any mortar seeping into the access chamber providing a seamless finish to the chamber. This allows a single pour installation of Envirobed® CD534 Flowable/ Envirobed® CD534 Flowable Red, which encapsulates the flange of the access frame creating a solid bed and backfill in one.

  • Simply fit and inflate
  • Creates an instant dam within the access chamber
  • Saves time – no waiting around for the dam to dry
  • Prevents the mortar seeping into the access chamber and debris falling down it
  • Provides a seamless finish to chamber
  • Environmentally friendly – can be re-used
  • Range of sizes available


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