UltraCrete Revitalises Riga’s Streets

Following on from last year’s success at Northern Europe’s Art Nouveau capital, Instarmac’s Latvian partner, Delta Urban, have supplied world renowned reinstatement materials to assist with the rehabilitation of a number of roads and pavements throughout the centre of Riga – a project partly funded by the European Union.

Part of the project required hundreds of gullies and manholes to be repaired on some of Riga’s busiest roads, therefore it was imperative that the materials chosen would withstand constant and heavy trafficking and with minimal disruption.

UltraCrete has been the number one ironwork solution in Riga for more than 10 years. Delta Urban supplied the chosen contractors, Roakdeks and Parvalde, with UltraCrete M60 rapid strength bedding mortar and QC10 F rapid set flowable concrete for the repairs.

UltraCrete M60 is a rapid strength bedding mortar ideal for use with all access covers as well as for the bonding of granite setts, flags and bedding kerbs. M60 boasts superior compressive strength which means areas repaired with M60 can be opened to traffic in just 1 hour – ideal for the busy streets of Riga where traffic needs to keep moving.

Part of UltraCrete’s range of high specification concretes, QC10 F is a rapid setting, fibre modified concrete formulated for the backfilling around manhole frames and gullies. QC10 F has an impressive compressive strength and is opened to traffic in just 90 minutes.

Both M60 and QC10 F have been independently tested by an accredited laboratory and are proven to fully comply with the Highways Authority Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS) – an approval they have met and exceeded for over 10 years. M60 and QC10 F are proven to provide first time, permanent and durable repairs with a service life of at least 5 years.

For further information on M60, QC10 F and the other materials that make up UltraCrete’s HAPAS Approved Manhole Installation System please email international@instarmac.com or call +44 (0) 1827 254402.

You can contact Delta Urban by visiting deltaurban.lv or emailing info@deltaurban.lv.