UltraCrete Supporting National Pothole Day

UltraCrete, the home of highways maintenance solutions, has teamed up with StreetRepairs.co.uk to help promote its third annual National Pothole Day on 16th January 2017.

National Pothole Day was established in 2015 by StreetRepairs.co.uk, a website which encourages road users to report road damage direct to their local council, and forms part of an awareness campaign to rid Britain’s roads of the pothole blight.

The site is widely endorsed by politicians and industry experts such as the RAC and Halfords and UltraCrete is proud to provide support to help highlight this growing issue.

Mark Morrell, PR Officer for StreetRepairs.co.uk says “This is the perfect opportunity for the general public to showcase what their roads and communities are really like. We would like as many people as possible to join our campaign by highlighting local issues quickly and easily.”

Potholes form when rainwater gathers in cracks in the road surface. When they freeze, they expand, effectively forcing the road open. The more this process is repeated, the larger the hole becomes.  With temperatures expected to plummet bringing freezing conditions across Britain the problem is only going to get worse.

It is more important than ever to ensure that the materials used to repair our damaged roads are in fact proven and durable and the only real way of eliminating repeat visits and repair failures is to use materials and systems that are HAPAS approved.

UltraCrete has been investing in such solutions for over 40 years. Their cold lay asphalt products are HAPAS approved and ensure a quality, durable repair, eliminating return visits, traffic management and lane rental charges.

UltraCrete’s cold lay asphalt materials can be used in all weathers, so work doesn’t have to stop because the cold weather has arrived. They have been specially formulated to ensure strong flexibility and guarantee the best product performance.  Their versatility allows for a rapid repair thus helping to maintain a safer road. They won’t disintegrate, so until such a time arises for a full resurface, the patch work will remain intact.

The local road network makes up around 98% of the road network in England and Wales with an asset value in excess of £400bn however, less than 0.01% is spent on annual maintenance.  Source Asphalt Industry Alliance.

By partnering StreetRepairs.co.uk UltraCrete hopes to highlight the shortfall in road maintenance budgets and by working with local authorities help rid Britain’s roads of potholes.

Find out more about National Pothole Day at streetrepairs.co.uk or follow @StreetRepairs