UltraCrete’s M90 Goes Down in History

UltraCrete’s M90 has been used to install a number of brass plaques in and around the historic town of Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire.

The ancient town is steeped in history with many points of interest. Pembrokeshire County Council were looking to install approximately 25 brass plaques into the footways to highlight these landmarks.

UltraCrete’s M90 all purpose fast set mortar was the cost effective choice for installing the signs.  The product achieves a high bond strength of >1N/mm²  after 28 days and a compressive strength of 21N/mm² within 2 hours, allowing the area to be opened to traffic thereafter. It can accommodate depths from 10-75mm in one pass and sets in 20 minutes, making it difficult to deface, improving public image and limiting asset liability.

Pembrokeshire CC commented ‘great material, easy to use, fast setting and vandal proof!‘

UltraCrete M90 is supplied in handy 25kg buckets and paper bags  – great for sites with limited access! It is one of a number of advanced repair and refurbishment products within the UltraCrete portfolio . Find out more by contacting us on 01827 254402, or email ultracrete@instarmac.co.uk