UltraFloor Features at Famous Waterfront Attraction

UltraFloor’s Level IT Two has been used to refurbish office premises at Liverpool’s famous waterfront attraction, Albert Dock.

Liverpool based flooring contractor, Carpet Design and Flooring have recently finished sub-floor preparation and Hospi-Loop II pile carpet installation of 200m² of office area using products from the UltraFloor range.

The work was carried out over a 2 day window while the office was closed to facilitate a speedy installation.

Existing floor covering and adhesive residue was removed before an UltraFloor primer was applied to the concrete substrate. Priming helps stop the moisture from the wet underlayment passing through to the porous subfloor which can cause pinholes, prolonging the life of the installation. It was used to prepare the area prior to levelling with Level IT Two.

Level IT Two is UltraFloor’s recently enhanced two-component smoothing underlayment. Reputed to be the ‘easiest’ latex to apply, it offers superior flow and handling. It is now 30% faster and can be overlaid in just 12 hours – perfect for this project’s time constraints. Once smoothed and cured it was ready to receive the bonded Hospi-Loop II carpet.

Carpet Design and Flooring were pleased with the results and completed the job within the allotted timeframe, and commented that they chose Ultra Floor because it is a ‘trusted brand.’