UltraFloor provides first class treatment in healthcare sector

UltraFloor has a long and successful history of subfloor preparation projects within the healthcare sector and with a superior range of smoothing underlayments and ancillary products on offer, it’s easy to see why.

UltraFloor’s range of high performance floor levellers includes Level IT Super Flex 30 fibre reinforced flexible smoothing underlayment, Level IT Super30 rapid setting smoothing underlayment and Level IT Smooth high performance fine flow smoothing underlayment. Each of  these outstanding products boast a number of capabilities which make them ideally suited for use within the healthcare sector.

Level IT Super Flex 30, Level IT Super30 and Level IT Smooth are all protein free, reducing the risk and spread of disease as the types of dangerous and contagious bacteria that thrive in protein are eliminated, and are low odour providing a pleasant environment for both contractors and recovering patients.

What’s more, each of these superior smoothing underlayments boasts a high compressive strength which makes them perfect for environments subject to constant use – an important feature for hospitals and healthcare centres where floors receive daily traffic from hospital staff, patients, visitors and heavier items such as wheelchairs, hospital beds and equipment.

Subfloors prepared using Level IT Super30 can receive foot traffic in as little as 30 minutes, unbonded floor coverings after 45 minutes and bonded coverings in 90 minutes. This feature was particularly appealing for specialist flooring contractor, Blackheath Flooring Ltd., who used Level IT Super30 at Dulwich Hospital in London.

It was important that downtime was kept to a minimum at Dulwich Hospital as work had to be completed during weekend evenings when the hospital was at its quietest. Level IT Super30 was applied on Friday evening with the chosen flooring installed the following day. The rapid set time of Level IT Super30 meant these parameters were easily achieved.

Sheet flooring such as vinyl and lino are common floor coverings within the healthcare sector as they are easy to clean and maintain. Installing sheet flooring requires a smoothing underlayment that will dry with an extremely smooth finish, as any bumps or lumps can cause serious safety issues.

UltraFloor Level IT Smooth has been specially formulated to do just that. Pump or trowel applied, Level IT Smooth has an extremely smooth finish and boasts a superior flow – a feature experienced contractor, Newlay Floors, certainly benefitted from when they used Level IT Smooth in the Children’s OPD Department at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham.

Completing UltraFloor’s portfolio of subfloor preparation materials is a range of ancillaries which includes Grip & Grab IT multi-purpose adhesive.

Grip & Grab IT has been designed for a variety of applications and is the perfect adhesive for fixing stair noses to the vast number of stairs often found in large healthcare buildings. Quick and easy to apply, Grip & Grab IT boasts high strength giving you confidence that once cured, the adhesive will not fail – an essential feature for ensuring the safety of hospital staff and frail and poorly patients.

For further information on how UltraFloor can assist on your next healthcare project, please contact their team of technical experts by email or by calling 01827 254402.