UltraScape launches recycled packaging

Recycling is a crucial component of the circular economy, and is a vital tool in the fight to reduce waste to landfill. UltraScape are proud to have been ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ since 2014, but their ambitions have not stopped there.

100% recyclable packaging is UltraScape’s goal, and they are getting there one product at a time. With this in mind, UltraScape are delighted to announce that prem-prime slurry primer and premjoint jointing compound are now both available in tubs made from recycled material and are fully recyclable* – a great achievement for UltraScape and the construction industry as a whole.

Recycled packaging is just one of many recycling initiatives UltraScape, and the wider Instarmac Group offer. By April 2022, Instarmac aim for all single use plastic packaging to contain between 50% and 100% recycled material – an achievement that is sure to be met ahead of schedule with a number of product lines already being supplied in recycled packaging.

And that’s not all! UltraScape also collect pallets from their customers free of charge so they can be reused and recycled. Throughout 2020, UltraScape collected 15,000 pallets, that’s 193 tonnes of recycled wood, saving 1,900 trees a year.

Sustainability and environmental issues are very important to UltraScape and are always considered when making business decisions. UltraScape continue to improve their initiatives and policies with the aim of creating a truly sustainable future.

For more information on UltraScape’s environmental commitments and aims for the future, please visit their website to download a copy of their Environmental and Social Responsibility Report.

Alternatively, you can contact them by calling +44 (0) 1827 254402, emailing ultrascape@instarmac.co.uk or sending a message on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

*UltraScape always recommend you seek advice from your local recycling centre about how best to recycle this packaging.