UltraScape lessens the pressure on UK’s plummeting natural resources

In their 2017 Annual Mineral Planning Survey Report (AMPS 2017), the Mineral Products Association (MPA) once again raised concerns about the UK’s diminishing aggregate reserves.

Based on information provided by MPA members, AMPS 2017 revealed that whilst sales of sand and gravel increased by 2.5% and crushed rock by 5.3%, reserves have remained alarmingly low. Sand and gravel has reserves of just 60% and worryingly only 6% of crushed rock sales were replaced during 2016.

These concerning statistics confirm that the demand for raw materials far outweighs any new reserves. This raises an important question for the industry – what can we do to help? One solution is to reduce the use of virgin aggregates by using products containing recycled material.

UltraScape understands the importance of sustainable building solutions and that is why all product development is geared around delivering sustainable solutions, which in turn, helps lessen the pressure on the country’s plummeting natural resources. They are constantly investing in research to continuously reduce their use of raw materials by testing new recycled materials.

With this in mind, UltraScape’s team of technical experts enhanced the formulation of their world renowned bedding mortar and flowable grout to create eco-bed and Flowpoint ECO – bedding and jointing products that contain 20% recycled material.

Launched over 20 years ago, UltraScape eco-bed fine bedding mortar and Flowpoint ECO rapid set flowable grout, have each been tested by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory and are proven to exceed the strict requirements set out in British Standard 7533.

As well as containing 20% recycled material, helping you to significantly reduce the amount of virgin aggregates used, both eco-bed and Flowpoint ECO are pre-blended for ease of use and boast a rapid set time, allowing contractors to move on to other parts of the project quickly, increasing productivity.

It goes without saying that the environmental impacts of eco-bed and Flowpoint ECO are significant, but let’s not forget, that specifying and using these materials also helps towards achieving an Outstanding BREEAM certification – a scheme that is proven to produce more sustainable building developments.

The benefits of using eco-bed fine bedding mortar and Flowpoint ECO flowable grout are clear to see. For further information on these outstanding materials, please contact UltraScape’s team of experts by email or by calling 01827 254402.

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