UltraScape paves the ‘Future of Living’

UltraScape’s BS 7533 Mortar Paving System has been used to install 15,000sqm of paving at Dubai Creek – the next generation in contemporary life, work and play.

Located on the banks of the historic creek, Dubai Creek is home to 711,399 serviced apartments and 7.3million sqm of residential space. Surrounded by 700,000sqm of open spaces and parks, Dubai Creek was born from ‘the fusion of creativity and innovation’ and will ‘redefine the future’ of its residents.

Dubai Creek has been designed to the highest standard, a feature that was extended to all surrounding areas.

As well as needing to provide the perfect aesthetic, the paving installation materials needed to excel in the humid and hot temperatures famous in Dubai, and have a quick set time so as not to hinder the project’s completion.

The Solution
With this in mind, Parsons, the Consultants working on this exciting development, adopted the use of UltraScape’s BS 7533 Mortar Paving System to install 15,000sqm of paving around the Marina, Promenade and Boardwalk next to the Dubai Creek waterfront.

Instarmac International’s partner, Tanseeq LLC, supplied UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System to satisfy the Engineers requirements and design.

UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System is made up of tested, trusted and proven materials including pro-bed HS bedding mortar, pro-prime slurry primer and flowpoint tropical smooth flowable grout.

UltraScape pro-bed hs provides the ultimate laying course for all types of paving. It can be laid from 10mm – 75mm, is shrinkage compensated and can be opened to foot traffic in just 12 hours, allowing contractors to move on to the next part of the project quickly.

Formulated to provide an exceptional bond between your paving element and pro-bed hs, pro-prime slurry primer eliminates costly failures caused by general wear and tear and heavy load bearing.

To complete the installation, flowpoint tropical smooth was used in Charcoal & Natural Grey to joint the selected pavers. UltraScape flowpoint tropical smooth has been formulated for use in hot climates and can be applied in temperatures in excess of 35°C – perfect for this project.

UltraScape flowpoint tropical smooth is a flowable grout which allows for large areas of paving to be grouted quickly. Suitable for joints from 3mm to 50mm and as a deep as 200mm, flowpoint tropical smooth has been developed over a number of years to provide a durable finish which will not crack or stain – even in the extremely hot temperatures in Dubai.

With an initial set of just 15 minutes, and a walk on time of one hour, it is unsurprising that flowpoint tropical smooth has been synonymous with fast application, cost-effective and robust jointing, the world over.

The work was completed to an excellent standard by one of Dubai‘s premier landscaping contractors, Proscape LLC.

For more information about UltraScape’s BS 7533 Mortar Paving System, please contact Instarmac International by emailing international@instarmac.com or calling +44 (0) 1827 254400.



Source: Properties.emaar.com