Perma-bed: permeable bedding mortar

UltraScape perma-bed is specifically formulated to meet and exceed
the strict demands of BS 7533. The product provides a perfect bound base for natural stone paving and cobbles, concrete paving, flags and block paving, which once laid with UltraScape Perma-bed are able to accept foot traffic after just 12 hours and vehicular traffic after 24 hours. The material is specifically designed to drain away any water migrating into the pavement via cracks or damaged areas. Water that is not removed can cause failure of the pavement ultimately via hydraulic action from repeated trafficking.

  • Can be laid from 10-100mm in one pass
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • BS 7533 compliant –allows the free passage of
    water through it
  • Reduces water penetration related pavement
  • Reduces the likelihood of reflective staining
  • Freeze/thaw resistant
  • Small contractor friendly units
  • Pre-blended – just add water
  • Open to pedestrian traffic in 12 hours
  • Open to vehicular traffic in 24 hours

For further information on how we are working towards reducing our environmental impact. Please download our ‘Environmental and Social Responsibility Report.’

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