UltraScape reinvigorates Hawera Town Centre

Instarmac International’s partner in New Zealand, Horizon International, have supplied UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System as part of a huge redevelopment of Hawera Town Centre.

Hawera Town Centre is just one of many small towns across New Zealand that have become a victim of larger retail outlets and online shopping. The decrease in footfall has led to a decline in funding resulting in a town centre that is rundown and unwelcoming.

In order to combat  this, and to encourage people back to the town centre, South Taranaki District Council worked with urban planners and local residents to devise a strategy to save Hawera Town Centre.

Rather than investing in quick cosmetic fixes, South Taranaki District Council redeveloped the entire area which included relocating the public library, creating a contemporary public space with quality food and beverages and improving transport links.

UltraScape’s BS 7533 Mortar Paving System was supplied by Instarmac International’s New Zealand partner, Horizon International, and used by contractors Betts and Bishop, to install 144m² of black basalt and granite paving as part of the laneway and central business district upgrades throughout Hawera.

There are many reasons why South Taranaki District Council and Betts and Bishop chose to use UltraScape’s BS 7533 Mortar Paving System. Projects incorporating BS 7533 compliant materials benefit from a reduction in failures and considerable whole life cost savings. Every product in UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System has been independently tested to remove the uncertainty of site batched mortars and to offer a minimum construction life of 40 years.

UltraScape’s BS 7533 compliant Mortar Paving System comprises of pro-bed HS fine bedding mortar, pro-prime slurry primer and flowpoint rapid set flowable grout.

UltraScape pro-bed HS is a fine bedding mortar formulated to meet and exceed the strict requirements set out in the British Standard. Pre-blended for ease of use, pro-bed HS can be laid from 10mm – 75mm, is shrinkage compensated and can be opened to foot traffic in just 12 hours, allowing contractors to move on to the next part of the project quickly.

Formulated to provide an exceptional bond between your paving element and pro-bed HS, UltraScape pro-prime slurry primer eliminates costly failures caused by general wear and tear and heavy load bearing.

Ideal for large scale projects, UltraScape flowpoint rapid set flowable grout is available in three varieties – Original, ECO and Smooth and 2 colours – Natural Grey and Charcoal.

With an initial set after just 15 minutes and a walk on time of one hour, it is unsurprising that flowpoint has become synonymous with fast application, cost-effective and robust jointing.

UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System is available throughout New Zealand through Horizon International. To contact Horizon International please call 0800 682 745 or visit horizoninternational.co.nz.

For more information on UltraScape’s BS 7533 Mortar Paving System, please email international@instarmac.com or call the International Sales Team on +44 (0) 1827 254402.