UltraScape rules the slopes at popular ski resort

As part of a project to revitalise Geilo, a ski resort in Hol Municipality in Norway, Instarmac International’s Norwegian partner, Betomur AS, supplied UltraScape’s flowpoint eco, rapid set flowable grout

The town centre had lacked good public spaces and was chaotic to navigate for both visitors and local businesses. Architect Group, Arkitektgruppen Cubus AS, won a competition with their project aimed at turning Geilo into a green skiing destination. The design focused on the pedestrian zone and amphitheatre, which were built on top of a privately financed car park. The architects drew inspiration from the surrounding mountainous landscape, and the amphitheatre therefore has two mountain ridges built with Corten steel, which serve as a central carpark and event suite for skiing races and festivals.

The hardscaping around the structure and in the pedestrian zone is made up of dark granite which was installed by contractor, Steen and Lund, using UltraScape’s flowpoint eco in a bespoke colour of white.

UltraScape flowpoint has been developed over a number of years to provide a durable finish, which will not crack or stain even when subject to long-term heavy trafficking. Its flowable nature allows large areas of paving to be grouted quickly over a variety of stone, including cobbles, sandstone and porcelain.

It is available in three alternatives, standard – the original formula that can accommodate joint depths of up to 200mm by 5-50mm wide, smooth – a finer grade for a more seamless finish for joint widths between 3-50mm and eco,  containing 20% recycled material and the ideal choice for this eco-friendly build.

Due to its fast setting capabilities, flowpoint can be opened to pedestrian traffic after 1 hour and vehicular traffic after 4 hours, making it ideal for projects where disruption needs to be kept to a minimum.

UltraScape flowpoint conforms to the strict requirements of British Standard 7533, a tried and tested method that removes the uncertainty of site batched mortars and offers, when installed correctly, a minimum construction life of 40 years.

Six years on, the hardscaping in Gelio is still in a perfect state of repair, despite receiving frequent vehicular and foot traffic and having endured the snow and ice clad landscape synonymous with Norwegian winters – a testament to using a BS 7533 compliant product.

UltraScape’s BS 7533 compliant priming, bedding and jointing materials are available throughout Norway through Betomur AS. To contact Betomur please call 55 59 44 50, email firmpost@betomur.no or visit Betomur.no.