UltraScape support Help for Heroes

As part of their support for the much-admired charity, Help for Heroes, Tesco Maintenance have cleaned and repointed 400m² of reclaimed paving at Tedworth House in Wiltshire, and UltraScape are delighted to have played a part in this important rejuvenation project.

Tesco have been a proud support of Help for Heroes for a number of years, helping to raise money by supporting national collection weekends, selling branded merchandise in stores and maintaining a number of rehabilitation facilities through their maintenance division – Tesco Maintenance.

One such facility is Tedworth House. Forming part of Help for Heroes countrywide Recovery Centres, Tedworth House is available to wounded, injured and sick Service Personnel, Veterans and their families. The centre aims to inspire those who have become injured whilst serving their country and “enable them to lead active, independent and fulfilling lives.”

Tedworth House is made up of 46 en-suite bedrooms, four family rooms, kitchen, two lounges, adaptive gym with specialist equipment plus Hero Garden and Café.

Part of the ongoing maintenance at Tedworth House required 400m² of reclaimed paving, located outside the Hero Cafe, to be cleaned and repointed. The project was completed using UltraScape flowpoint rapid set grout, which was kindly donated by UK manufacturer, Instarmac Group plc.

Part of the UltraScape Mortar Paving System, flowpoint has been independently tested to British Standard 7533 and has been developed over a number of years to provide a durable finish which will not crack or stain – even when applied in cold and hot temperatures.

Ideal for large scale projects, UltraScape flowpoint is  available in three varieties and two colours – Charcoal and Natural Grey – the second of which was used at Tedworth  House.

With an initial set after just 15 minutes and a walk on time of one hour, it is unsurprising that UltraScape flowpoint has become synonymous with fast application, cost-effective and robust jointing.

The durable nature of UltraScape flowpoint will allow the residents of Tedworth House to enjoy the tranquil and relaxing atmosphere of the Hero Cafe for many years to come.

For further information on flowpoint and the other materials in UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System, please contact the UltraScape Sales Team by email or by calling 01827 254402.