Botanical Tiles and Interiors

11th April 2018

As spring approaches, daffodils and tulips start popping up in our gardens, trees turn green and the Sun (hopefully!) starts to shine, life just seems that bit brighter.

Add a touch of Spring to your home interiors with one of this year’s hottest trends – botanical tiles and interiors.

Botanical tiles include everything from wildlife, flowers, trees and birds, all bought together in a dazzling display of colour.

Keep reading for some of our top tips for introducing botanical features to your home.


Whether you are going for bold colours of pastel palettes, botanical tiles are a fantastic way of adding some natural tones to your interiors. For the brave among you, we think mustard, dark blue and emerald green tiles look particularly striking.


The beauty of botanical tiles is the variety of patterns and prints available. Whether you take your inspiration from jungle foliage, exotic birds, big bold flowers or dainty blossoms, we guarantee there is a tile out there perfect for your home (and personality).

Feature Floors

We’ve all seen, and probably have, a feature wall in our house, but ever thought of creating a feature  floor? Tiled floors provide a durable, easy to clean solution for families but who said they have to be plain or even one colour? Bring an element of outdoors, inside and throw some beautiful botanical tiles into the mix to create a real Instagram worthy floor.


Want to introduce botanical tiles but don’t want to commit to an entire wall or floor? Bathroom and kitchen splashbacks, and fireplace hearths, are an excellent way of introducing bright colours and bold patterns to your decor.


Crisp white tiles with the addition of different potted houseplants create an equally stunning feature in your kitchen or bathroom – great for dipping your toes into the world of botanical interiors.

Have you created a botanical paradise? Maybe you’re looking for some inspiration? Why not take a look at our Botanical Tiles and Interiors Pinterest board and create your own gallery of ideas.



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