What hue are you?

22nd February 2019

Ever wondered what your home decor says about you? Do you always seem to be attracted to a certain colour for a particular room? There’s a huge amount of research about the meaning of different colours and the emotions they evoke.

Keep scrolling to see what your home interiors say about you….

Red: For many people red conjures feelings of warmth, love, passion and desire. However, it is also known for igniting excitement and speed – there’s a reason shops use red to advertise sales!

Pink: Unsurprisingly, most people associate the colour pink with femininity but did you know  that pink also represents love, caring and nurture? Maybe it’s time to start thinking outside the box and introducing pink to all areas of our homes!

Orange: What may be a cold choice of colour for some, for others orange sparks feelings of cheerfulness, enthusiasm and creativity. When you think of it like that, maybe we should all be a little bolder in our colour choices.

Yellow: Comfort, liveliness, optimism, summer, happiness and energy are just some of the words associated with the colour yellow. Does this describe you? Comment down below about how you have introduced yellow to your home interiors.

Green: Green is a much-loved colour known for evoking feelings of calm, safety, freshness, honesty and relaxation. With the busy lives we all lead, we think green inspired interiors are a much needed and welcome addition to most family homes.

Blue: Is blue your hue? If so, you may be interested to learn that the meaning of blue is peace, professionalism, loyalty and reliability. Be careful though, blue can sometimes be associated with winter and coldness so if you’re going for a blue themed room, be sure to pick slightly warmer tones.

Purple: What feelings does purple evoke in you? Power, royalty, nobility, elegance or sophistication? According to research, these are the words which best describe this beautiful rich colour.

Black: Do you like darker, more intense tones such as black? If so, you may be interested to learn that the meaning of black includes elegance, sophistication, strength and power.

White: White has always been a popular choice for home interiors and when you discover that white means cleanliness, newness, innocence, simplicity and peace, it’s not surprising that so many of us choose this colour for our kitchens and bathrooms.

So what do you think? Do any of these colours describe you? We would love to hear you thoughts on how different colours make your feel, so don’t forget to comment down below.

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