Weatherproof your paving

There has always been something quite peaceful and magical about a frost covered landscape. The dusting of snowflakes often transports us to images of a winter wonderland but the moment we step outdoors, the beautiful frozen landscape can become a nightmare.

As temperatures get lower, puddles and ponded water freeze, having the potential to not only damage your paving, but also poses a serious risk of falling and injury.

Weatherproof your paving and stay safe this winter with permeable paving solutions from UltraScape.

UltraScape perma-bed bedding mortar has been specifically designed with permeability in mind. Formulated to absorb and drain away standing water, perma-bed helps to eliminate the risk of injury associated with slipping on ice.

This innovative bedding mortar is also proven to reduce water related pavement failures as any rainwater will drain away naturally, rather than sit on top of the stone, or worse, stay within the joint, freeze, expand and then break out – allowing you to enjoy your paving for years to come.

What’s more, the free passage of water through the cured product ensures that correctly laid paving will not suffer from reflective staining emanating from the underside of the paving elements.

UltraScape perma-bed exceeds the strict requirements of BS 7533 and is proven to provide a perfect bound base for natural stone paving, cobbles, concrete paving, flags and block paving.

Pre-blended to reduce costs, increase productivity and minimise on-site mixing errors, perma-bed is resistant to freeze/thaw weather patterns and can receive foot traffic in 12 hours and vehicular traffic in 24 hours.

UltraScape has been providing superior and quality paving installation materials for over 20 years. To find out more about perma-bed and the other permeable paving products available form UltraScape, please contact their team of experts by emailing or calling +44 (0) 1827 254402.

UltraScape is an approved CPD provider to RIBA and RIAI. To find out more about their CPD ‘Paving the Way: The Benefits of BS 7533‘ please email

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