Weatherproof your Road Network with Maintenance Solutions from UltraCrete

Potholes are inevitable after periods of wet and freezing weather. They form when rainwater gathers in cracks in the road surface. When they freeze, they expand, effectively forcing the road open. The more this process is repeated, the larger the hole becomes.

Wet weather adversely affects pothole repair too! Hot mix asphalt (HMA) is difficult to lay in wet weather, the rain cools the mix too soon to finish compaction and this can cause premature failure. Furthermore the water will most likely soften the base, weakening its structure.

Traditional HMA and associated equipment is difficult to transport to remote sites too, especially in poor weather conditions. Although HMA is a popular method, cold mix asphalt is an effective alternative since it can be used all year round for pothole and patch repairs. It can be delivered and applied in a broad range of environments, using minimal equipment.

UltraCrete’s HAPAS approved Permanent Pothole Repair is a flexible cold lay asphalt that can be used in all weathers and is the ideal solution for the repair of potholes in roads, driveways and car parks. The product’s flexibility means it is compatible with the existing road surface ensuring a durable repair that removes the burden and expense of return visits. Permanent Pothole Repair comes in handy 25kg re-sealable tubs, eliminating waste and can be trafficked immediately.

Potholes aren’t the only problem for motorists in severe weather! It is also one of the main causes of ironwork failure, in particular manhole covers. Poor installation and quality of bedding material is also to blame in some cases.

UltraCrete offers a fully HAPAS approved reinstatement system for the installation of all types of access covers. It comprises of a range of bedding mortars, backfill flowable concrete, cold lay asphalt, bitumen seal and tack coat spray and a thermoplastic overbanding.

The system includes UltraCrete’s Envirobed HA104® high performance bedding mortar, the cementitous alternative to resin based products. It contains a special blend of cements, polymer graded aggregates and recycled glass and is particularly suitable for use in wet weather conditions. It achieves an impressive 53N/mm² compressive strength in just 3 hours too, providing significant resistance to the elements! Furthermore, installations made using UltraCrete’s reinstatement system are ready to receive traffic in little over an hour, great for sites that require a quick turnaround which is especially advantageous for those contractors working in severe weather conditions!

UltraCrete’s fast track, weather proof repair products mean that work doesn’t stop just because of poor weather conditions prevail. Moreover, their longevity offers a lasting solution and eliminates repeat visits, reducing maintenance costs, traffic management outlay and disruption to motorists.

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