Wet, Wet, Wet

It seems the nation loves a wetroom. Anglian Home Improvements carried out a survey of 2,000 homeowners and found that 43% of people would choose to add a wet room to their home, making it the second most desired home improvement with a cinema room coming out top with 44%.

AMA Research has predicted that the wetroom market is set to grow by 34% by 2019 which makes wetrooms the fastest-growing sector of the UK bathroom market.

A wetroom is a waterproofed bathroom or en suite. The shower floor is level with the rest of the room allowing you to walk in with ease. The modern, simple, minimalistic design popular in Europe has now been embraced by British homeowners who are eager to convert their bathrooms and it is clear why, after all, wetrooms have many advantages:

  • A wetroom is a stylish addition and can create a contemporary look.
  • A wetroom can increase the value of your home.
  • Ideal for small spaces where a bath may not fit.
  • Wetrooms are easy to clean.
  • If fitted and waterproofed correctly it can provide better protection to your floors than a standard bathroom.

So how do I prepare my room?

The new Instarmac WETROOM SYSTEM can be used to prepare areas prior to tiling, waterproofing whilst providing strength and flexibility and still enabling tiles to adhere. Often referred to as a tanking kit, the product is easy to use by professionals and amateurs alike. This two-component system consists of a brush applied flexible waterproof coating and membrane tape. Applied using a layer installation method it covers 0.5kg per square metre. It is compatible for use with underfloor heating and tiles can be applied 24 hours after application.

WETROOM SYSTEM can be applied to most common substrates including moisture sensitive backgrounds such as plaster, plasterboard and tile backing boards. It may be used beneath ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and glass tiles.

WETROOM SYSTEM is available in 8kg buckets. Please call 01827 254402 to order or click here for more information including datasheet download and a step-by-step application guide.