Why take the risk?

There are a number of manufacturers in the highways industry all claiming their products and services are the best available but with over 40 years of experience in supplying the sector with high performance maintenance materials, Instarmac has the evidence to back up its claims!

It can often be tempting to try an alternative repair material, especially if it’s being offered to you at a lower price, however, without any proof of product performance, is it really worth taking the risk?

Repair and maintenance products that fail once installed cause no end of problems. Contractors have to be moved from other projects to carry out the repairs, decreasing productivity and potentially putting you behind schedule on other projects – and let’s not forget the costly fines you could be subjected to by having to re-open the site!

Instarmac have been manufacturing world renowned highway maintenance products for over four decades. They understand the needs of the industry and the importance of using products that are guaranteed to perform, reducing the strain on already tight budgets.

By listening to the needs of the industry and their customers, Instarmac have developed a suite of products that have been thoroughly tested by an independent third party and are proven to provide a first time, permanent repair every single time.

Over recent years, the market has been flooded with repair and maintenance products all claiming HAPAS Approval. This approval provides you with the assurance that your chosen repair material is designed to last, but if you have recently switched to an alternative supplier, do you have the same assurances that the materials will be delivered to the correct location at the agreed date and time? Is it worth taking a gamble and being at risk of costly fines because you were unable to complete the project on time?

Instarmac’s high quality products are delivered on their privately owned, FORS Silver accredited fleet that is fully tracked in-house, offering you accurate deliveries, reduced damages and peace of mind that products will be delivered on time allowing you to complete the project as scheduled.

Instarmac have been supplying trusted and proven products to national highway agencies, contractors, local authorities and commercial organisations in the UK and around the world since 1977. Every one of their clients benefit from their personal, efficient and award-winning customer service that includes free text updates, email confirmation, Product Planner App and dedicated field and office based customer support.

What’s more, Instarmac’s free on-site training and product demonstrations will help you make the most of their high performance products, reducing failures, increasing productivity and saving you money.

Next time you consider changing your supplier of highway repair materials, ask yourself, are you willing to risk your reputation?

For further information on Instarmac’s award-winning products and services, please visit Instarmac.co.uk or contact the UltraCrete sales team by emailing ultracrete@instarmac.co.uk or calling 01827 254402.

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