Wondertex supplying champion products

The Wondertex professional drylining range has been used at the Aston Villa ground by ADR Decorators.

The team at ADR were contracted to complete the drywall prep within two rooms at the prestigious location.  Wondertex products prem filler, prem finish, prem fill & finish rapid and a selection of tapes were all used by ADR on this high profile project to prepare the site for decoration.

prem filler, plasterboard joint filler, has a soft, workable density and smooth texture allowing for outstanding product application.  The product is fast setting and dries quickly for early finish coat application.  It can be used to bed white joint, self adhesive and metal angle tapes.

prem finish is suitable for the finishing of all plasterboard joints and has been specially developed for hand and machine jointing.  The product boasts an extended working time resulting in minimal wastage.  Once dry, the product is effortless to sand and smoothes down perfectly creating an all over seamless surface.

prem fill & finish rapid is a powder blend rapid setting filler and smoother designed for filling and finishing plasterboard joints and smoothing unwanted textured surfaces.

The product has been specially formulated for plasterers and decorators as a multi-use, one product does all.  prem fill & finish rapid offers a quick turnaround for plasterboard jointing, surface smoothing, repair and snagging work.  What’s more, prem fill & finish rapid can be applied to painted surfaces saving time, the most valuable resource of all contractors.

The product has a working time of 30 minutes and boasts the following performance features:

  • Super fine for a smooth finish
  • Dries hard and fast for a durable finish
  • Minimal shrinkage for no cracks
  • Rapid setting for early effortless sanding

If you would like more information on the Wondertex range, please call 01827 254402 or email wondertex@instarmac.co.uk.  Keep up-to-date with Wondertex’s latest news and competitions on Twitter by following @Wondertex_UK.