Kerb and Patch Repair saves Council time and money

UltraCrete have worked with Worcestershire County Council to carry out a number of kerb repairs using UltraCrete Kerb and Patch Repair.

The current method for repairing kerbs in Worcestershire involved removing and replacing the entire kerb – a costly and time-consuming task as parked cars often restricted access to the repair site.

With this in mind, Worcestershire County Council began looking for an alternative repair product that would be suitable for sites with limited access and provide an efficient and permanent repair.

After careful research Worcestershire County Council trialled UltraCrete Kerb and Patch Repair for the repairs and UltraCrete are pleased to announce that as a result of successful product trials, Kerb and Patch Repair is now the chosen repair method throughout Worcestershire.

On this exciting development, Chris Hollingshead from Worcestershire County Council commented: “UltraCrete’s Kerb and Patch Repair is a quick and efficient solution enabling us to carry out repairs to kerbs instead of replacing them. This has saved us time and money.”

Kerb and Patch Repair is a high strength concrete repair specifically formulated for reinstating smaller areas such as kerbs and steps – a feature Worcestershire County Council found particularly appealing as any costs associated with their existing repair method, such as purchasing kerbs and the extra resource required to install them, are all eradicated.

Pre-measured to eliminate on-site mixing errors, Kerb and Patch Repair has a set time pf 25 minutes and can be opened to traffic in 2 hour allowing contractors to move on to other projects quickly increasing productivity.

Available in contractor friendly 10kg units, Kerb and Patch Repair is the ideal product for sites with limited access, such as this one, and because the tubs can be resealed and used another day, there is no wasted product leftover.

For more information on Kerb and Patch Repair please contact the UltraCrete sales team by emailing or calling 01827 254402.