For paving joints as silky smooth as tile grout! UltraScape’s flowpoint fine provides a seamless joint and is suitable for widths from 2-50mm.


UltraScape Jointing

A range of jointing solutions suitable for all designs and tastes. Includes an innovative flowable grout and brush-in jointing compound that enables paving to be pointed with ease.

UltraScape Jointing

Selecting the correct bedding mortar and priming materials to install your chosen paving is paramount for success but the finishing is also crucial. When making such an integral design decision, it is vital you don’t compromise the aesthetics with poor jointing.

UltraScape have jointing materials suitable for all designs and tastes. Our range of flowable grouts and brush in polymeric jointing sands will make light work of any installation.

Want to see flowpoint in action?

There are many reasons why flowpoint is used on a daily basis, all around the world. Discover them all by watching this short video.

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UltraScape premjoint Installation Video

Introducing UltraScape’s next generation of paving jointing compound, premjoint. This high specification, decorative, brush-in pave jointing solution, is suitable for use with granite, porcelain and other premium quality natural stone. The product is available in 3 bespoke colours – Cosmic Black, Natural Cashmere and Storm Grey – the perfect choice for a seamless installation.

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More in the UltraScape range

  • What is joint compound?
    Joint compound or jointing compound is a sand used to seam and smooth joints in paving installations. Acting as a permeable grout, joint compound can be applied to tiles, slabs and paving stones in a number of applications. Joint compound is brushed in-between laid paving slabs and left to ‘cure,’ forming strong bonds between paving slabs that are exposed to the elements, and keeping your paving looking smart and uniform.
  • How to use joint compound?
    Step 1 – Pour water over your entire patio, using a brush to evenly spread the moisture. Step 2 – Once wet, pour your jointing compound over your patio, using a broom to spread the compound into your patio joints. Step 3 – Use a thin metal tool to press your joint compound firmly into the joints, filling all spaces for an even finish. Step 4 – Sweep up the remaining compound on the service. Step 5 – Allow time to cure. UltraScape premjoint can be walked on within 24-48 hours.
  • What is the best paving jointing compound?
    To find the best jointing compound for your outdoor paving project, look no further than UltraScape premjoint. Available in two grades (coarse and fine) and three colours (Cosmic Black, Storm Grey and Natural Cashmere), premjoint boasts unparalleled versatility. Premjoint is both permeable and freeze-resistant for year-round stability and function. It can also be walked on within 24-48 hours.
  • How to apply joint compound?
    Applying joint compound (also known as jointing compound) to your outdoor paving installation is simple, and can be done without significant DIY experience. There are two application methods depending on the porosity of the bedding mortar. If using a permeable bedding mortar, please follow the below step-by-step guide. 1. Pour water over your entire patio area. Use a hosepipe to get every inch wet. 2. Pour a generous amount of joint compound over the patio. 3. Sweep the compound into the joints between paving slabs. 4. Press the compound down between slabs using a thin metal tool. 5. Collect any excess joint compound – UltraScape premjoint can be reused for next time! If using a non-permeable bedding mortar, please follow these steps 1. Use a minimal amount of water in a fine mist over the patio 2. Pour a generous amount of joint compound over the patio. 3. Sweep the compound unto the joints between paving slabs. 4. Press the compound down between slabs using a thin metal tool. 5. Collect any excess.
  • How long does joint compound take to dry?
    The amount of time joint compound takes to dry usually depends on the amount of jointing compound used and the intended use of the paving. However, paving slabs that have been jointed with UltraScape premjoint can accommodate walking traffic within 24-48 hours.
  • Where to buy joint compound?
    UltraScape premjoint jointing compound can be bought directly from UltraScape, or from builders merchants across the country. You can visit our website to use our product calculator to determine the required amount of joint compound for your installation.
  • How much is joint compound?
    The cost of joint compound, or jointing compound, depends on the specific dimensions of your installation. For example, the width and length of each slab will dictate how much joint compound is required for a sound installation. The preferred depth and width of each joint will also have an effect on the cost of your joint compound. One tub of UltraScape premjoint is sufficient for a paving installation of approximately 1sqm based on a 450mm x 450mm slab with 25mm depth and 8mm joint width.

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