Approved Manhole Reinstatement System

A range of PAS and HAPAS approved bedding mortars, backfill concrete, cold lay asphalt, bitumen seal and tack coat and overbanding tape.

UltraCrete PAS and HAPAS Approved Manhole Reinstatement Materials

Some of the products that make up our Ironwork Reinstatement System have been used on the UK’s road network for over four decades. Independently approved since 2005, UltraCrete’s Ironwork System is made up of PAS and HAPAS certified bedding mortars, backfill flowable concrete, hot and cold lay asphalt and thermoplastic overbanding.

Each of the products in the Ironwork Reinstatement System have had their performance capabilities thoroughly tested by independent and UKAS accredited laboratories and are approved for use by the British Board of Agrément and Pavement Testing Services.

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Get it right first time with our HAPAS and PAS approved ironwork installing system. This video will guide you through every step of the application process to ensure a smooth-running project every time.

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Become UCARS Accredited

Developed in-line with listed regulated specifications, this training day offers highway workers the opportunity to become a recognised professional in the use of the UltraCrete portfolio of products, for all carriageway reinstatements.

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More in the UltraCrete Range

  • Is cold lay tarmac any good?
    Whether you should use cold lay tarmac or hot mix tarmac for your tarmac installation depends on the size and intended usage of the area you are tarmacking. Cold lay tarmac is certainly good enough for filling holes in damaged tarmac. However, for large scale tarmac installations, we recommend using a hot mix surfacer, as it offers higher adhesive strength more suited for accommodating heavy traffic.
  • Can you paint tarmac?
    In short, yes, you can paint tarmac. There’s no reason why you’d be unable to paint tarmac, provided you use the proper paint (we recommend a dedicated tarmac or asphalt paint, which contains bitumen to allow a more hard-wearing finish). Often, by using a primer, you can ensure that your paint will be better bonded to the tarmac.
  • Can you tarmac over concrete?
    In most applications, the answer is yes – you can tarmac on top of concrete. Concrete is a solid base that provides stable support for tarmac and allows it to compact. However, it is always worth assessing the state of your concrete before tarmacking over it. Always check if any expansion joint shifting has taken place, to ensure that your concrete is not damaged and will provide a sturdy base.
  • How to lay cold tarmac?
    When using cold lay tarmac to fill a pothole, we recommend adhering to the following steps: 1. Cut out a square frame around your pothole, and clear the area of dirt and tarmac debris. 2. Use UltraCrete SCJ Cold Joint Spray to prime the edges and surface base of the pothole. 3. Pour UltraCrete Permanent Pothole Repair into the hole and tamp down thoroughly 4. If necessary, a second layer of Cold Joint Spray and a second layer of UltraCrete’s cold lay Permanent Pothole Repair can then be applied on top.
  • How to soften cold lay tarmac?
    Cold lay tarmac can be softened in a number of ways to make it more malleable for use. Prolonged storage in certain conditions can cause your cold lay tarmac to harden up. To soften it again, simply manipulate the product in the bag by moving it around or kneel on the bag to loosen the aggregate pieces.

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