Is coving out of fashion?

What words spring to mind when thinking of coving? Old fashioned? Obsolete? Outdated? Difficult to fix? With the introduction of modern coved ceiling systems and high performance adhesives, you may be about to change your mind!

Traditionally, coving is simple in its design, is painted white and used to create a curve between the top of a wall and the ceiling. However, coving has undergone a complete transformation and now offers a more diverse range of designs and colours than ever before.

Whilst coving is often used to cover the join between the wall and ceiling, decorative coving can become more of a feature in a room. Coving is great for making ceilings look higher than they are, can be used to fame key pieces of furniture, provides an additional accent colour to dominant colour schemes and can even be used as a picture rail.

When beautiful, stylish and ornate coving is teamed with a high performance adhesive, the possibilities really are endless!

Wondertex prem adhesive has been designed to fix all gypsum and fibrous mouldings including cove and cornice systems. Mixed with water for easy installation, prem adhesive boasts a high grab and strong adhesion, giving you peace of mind that, once installed, your coving is guaranteed to stay put.

What’s more, prem adhesive dries white for easy over painting, has an excellent coverage of up to 167 linear metres and a working time of 60 – 90 minutes – the perfect amount of time to complete the task at hand.

Take the guesswork out of cutting coving with the Wondertex prem mitre. Designed for the concave surface of coving, prem mitre is a simple device which eliminates guesswork and makes cutting coving much easier.

For further information on prem adhesive or prem mitre, pricing enquiries or to place an order, please contact Wondertex by emailing or calling 01827 254402.