Instarmac introduces CNG Lorries to its world-class fleet

The efficient distribution of a product plays a key role in its lifecycle as it often represents the area with the largest environmental impact. Instarmac are committed to being as green as possible and are leading the way for all manufacturers. With that in mind, they are delighted to announce that 6% of their world-class fleet is now running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

In the UK, transport accounts for around a third of all carbon dioxide emissions, the majority of which are from road transport. As world-class manufacturers, Instarmac are leading the way with their environmental commitments and are working hard to reduce their emissions as much as possible.

The introduction of CNG Lorries to their privately owned fleet is a huge step forward for Instarmac. In order to demonstrate their environmental ambitions, Instarmac have pledged that by the end of 2024, 25% of their fleet will run on CNG and 60% by the end of 2025.

Instarmac’s CNG Lorries have been delivering products all around the country for the past 8 weeks. In that time, each truck has reduced its CO₂ emissions by approximately 7 tonnes per month, when compared to diesel. Based on these calculations, each lorry is predicted to save 84 tonnes of emissions per year, a total saving of 168 tonnes of CO₂ – substantially reducing their CO₂ emissions now, and in the future.

Instarmac acknowledge that diesel isn’t great for the environment and that’s why every other vehicle in their fleet features AdBlue. AdBlue is an additive which is used alongside diesel to reduce mono-nitrogen oxide emissions produced by the exhausts of vehicles. AdBlue transforms the harmful mono-nitrogen toxins in diesel into nitrogen and water vapour reducing the negative impact vehicle emissions have on the environment.

“Our environmental impact is further reduced through external, but efficient tyre servicing and maintenance. Around 30% of fuel consumption can be attributed to truck tyres. Therefore we aim to maximise tyre life and reduce the amount of new tyres purchased, plus tyres that have a low remaining tread depth, or have been re-grooved are more fuel efficient than brand new tyres.” Andy Ryan, Logistics Manager.

And that’s not all! Every vehicle in Instarmac’s 35-strong fleet uses invertors to charge pallet trucks throughout each journey which saves up to 63,700kw each year. Instarmac have also invested in the most up-to-date logistics technologies and efficiency procedures to ensure that they offer an award-winning and proficient delivery service.

These are just some of the ways Instarmac are choosing to make a positive impact on the environment. To find out more about Instarmac’s commitments for the future, please download a copy of their Environmental and Social Responsibility Report.

You can contact Instarmac by calling +44 (0) 1827 254402 or emailing

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