Instarmac Permanent Pothole Repair® is put to the ultimate test in Canada

Instarmac’s world-renowned Permanent Pothole Repair has been used to repair a number of sites across Western Canada, including Edmonton International Airport, Alaska Highway, Dawson Creek and Whitehorse in Yukon territory.

The product has been supplied by our Canadian licensee, Da-Lee, through their distributor Westcoast Partners Ltd.

The repairs were carried out on a range of applications in varying weather conditions, in temperatures as low as -25⁰c / -13⁰F.

The repairs in Whitehorse took place on an abandoned railroad track where the existing asphalt had settled. Further repairs were made to a large dip in a road, where the previous material had failed. Both areas are located along the main artery into Alaska and are subjected to heavy traffic from army vehicles and tourists. Several months on and the repairs are still in excellent condition!

In addition, Instarmac Permanent Pothole Repair® was used to carry out repairs to sections on the airside at Edmonton International Airport. The airport is the primary air passenger and air cargo facility in the province of Alberta. It is Canada’s largest airport by land area and is regularly frequented by the imposing Hercules military aircraft.

It was crucial that the repair material would provide a permanent repair and withstand heavy and constant trafficking with minimal disruption to passengers, and it’s certainly showing its Herculean strength, with no signs of deterioration since its installation, despite enduring the challenging conditions on site.

Gary Lamb, Manager, Airside Operations said:. ‘We started using this product approximately 4 months ago in some locations that we were having little success with our current product. The conditions that we were using the product in were less than ideal. Some of the areas we demoed the product in were deep potholes that were full of water from spring runoff and some areas were less than an inch deep and were wet as well. Both locations were in high traffic areas with lots of bus traffic as well. I am happy to say that four months later and both patches are still in place!

Since then we have used the product in a lot of different locations throughout the Airport and are very happy with the consistent results we are getting from this product.’

There are many cold lay asphalt repair products available, but Instarmac backs up its technical claims! Strength is gained by compaction, becoming stronger the more traffic travels over it, making it the ideal product for repairs to heavily trafficked areas, such as a runway.

Applied in 3 easy steps – clean, pour, and compact­ – Instarmac’s pothole repair products can be applied in all weathers. They can be trafficked instantly making them ideal for environments where delays and disruption are not an option!

Instarmac’s Permanent Pothole Repair is available throughout Canada and North America through Da-Lee Pavement Products. To contact Da-Lee please call 905 643 1135 or visit

For further information on Instarmac’s range of pothole repair solutions, please contact Instarmac’s International Sales Team on +44 (0) 1827 254402 or emailing

The service we get from UltraCrete is second to none – The deliveries are always on time, the drivers help me unload if I’m busy, and the material is always fresh off the production line.

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