Using a damp proof membrane

A – Sand/cement screed or concrete floor
B – Damp proof membrane
C – Prime using UltraTile ProPrimer neat
D – Apply adhesive (select upon tile type)
E – Install tiles
G – Grout all joints

A surface damp proof membrane (DPM) is a liquid system that when applied to a damp substrate:

  1. bonds strongly to the surface
  2. cures to form a hard layer that controls moisture vapour permeability to the surface

UltraFloor DPM IT, rapid curing primer membrane is a two component, solvent free epoxy resin system for use as a surface DPM and as a screed bonding aid (primer) for industrial flooring applications. It is supplied in a twin pack dual chamber to enable ease of transport and mixing. The product performs by a reaction between the resin and hardener components to give a durable continuous membrane. When mixed the product is a black colour enabling easy identification of the applied areas.

It is suitable for use as a single coat DPM to suppress residual moisture in concrete and sand/cement screed where the moisture levels are 98% RH or less (when tested with a properly calibrated surface hygrometer in accordance with BS 8203). It may be used as a two-coat application on subfloors where there is an absence of a constructional base DPM provided there is no hydrostatic pressure.

UltraFloor DPM IT should not be used in projects where hydrostatic pressure is a concern. In such cases the use of pressure relief drainage and/or external tanking systems must be the primary method of protection against moisture.

Application steps:

  1. All substrates must be prepared to leave a sound, clean and surface dry subfloor. Oils, grease and other contaminants that may hinder adhesion must be removed. This includes release agents used in concrete curing processes as well as laitance, contamination and any weak surface materials. Substrates should be of a minimum 25N/mm².
  2. Apply UltraFloor DPM IT to the substrate by pouring it onto the floor area to be treated. For use as a DPM the product should be spread using a suitable notched towel to determine the correct coverage rate. Over roll the serrations using a short pile roller pre-wetted in UltraFloor DPM IT to ensure a uniform coating is achieved. This should be done immediately following trowelling.
  3. UltraTile ProPrimer should be applied neat as a single coat, using a brush or roller. Apply to give a thin uniform coverage with no pooling of the primer. Ensure a complete overall application is achieved. Once dry, the primer will exhibit at light track and is ready to receive smoothing underlayments and tiling adhesives.


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