How to Become an Instarmac Licensee

Instarmac Group plc is offering you the chance to establish a profitable, sustainable and successful business by becoming an Instarmac Licensee. You can learn from our experience and manufacture our market leading, world renowned permanent pothole repair. Instant Road Repair offers a first time permanent repair to potholes. Instant Road Repair has been independently tested and approved since 2002, is suitable for all weathers and climates and can be trafficked immediately.

There are many benefits to becoming an Instarmac Licensee including:
1. Rights to manufacture our products in your own territory
2. Advice on manufacturing plant layout and specification
3. Training of production operatives
4. Your own Instarmac representative and tailored customer care
5. A proven track record of success and performance
6. Provision of the Ultracrete binder
7. The choice of new innovative materials are they are developed

To discuss this exciting opportunity in more detail, please call Angus or Matt on +44 (0) 1827 254402 or visit