Changing the way we think about resources

In 2017, the Mineral Products Association (MPA) highlighted their growing concerns over the country’s shrinking aggregate reserves.

Based on information provided by MPA members, the Annual Mineral Planning Survey Report (AMPS 2017) revealed that whilst sales of sand and gravel increased by 2.5% and crushed rock by 5.3%, reserves have remained worryingly low. Sand and gravel has reserves of just 60% and alarmingly only 6% of crushed rock sales were replaced during the previous year.

These worrying statistics confirm that the demand for raw materials continues to far outweigh any new reserves, which in turn, raises an important question – what can we do to help? One solution is to change the way we think about resources.

For many years, most manufacturers and production facilities have operated using a linear economy. This ‘take, make, dispose’ method of manufacturing means that instead of recycling the raw materials and any waste associated with the production process, they are disposed of instead.

Not only does this manufacturing process produce a huge amount of unwanted waste, it also creates a significant amount of pressure on trying to find resources the country just doesn’t have.

In order to create a truly sustainable future, we need to change the way we use resources and ensure all manufacturing processes are carried out with a circular economy in mind. A circular economy emphasises the importance of keeping resources in use for as long as possible and once the maximum value has been extracted, recovering and recycling these resources so they can be used again.

As a leading UK manufacturer, Instarmac understand the importance of a circular economy and constantly look for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. As well as successfully implementing a number of environmental policies across the business, such as climate control, solar panels and intelligent lighting, their in-house Research and Development team have also developed a number of products which continue to boast the high performance capabilities their customers expect, whilst containing 20% recycled material.

What’s more, they also provide their customers with a plastic container and pallet recycling scheme, which helps to reduce waste sent to landfill whilst saving their customers time and money as they no longer have to dispose of these items themselves.

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Working together towards a circular economy.